So you've seen the construction of our Quarantine area, thanks to the generosity of the ASPCA and Lynn and Lloyd Wells.  This area was dedicated largely to the Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue ( providing an area to house horses rescued off feed lots and from auction. As these horses have been exposed to 'who-knows-what', moving them right into a stable puts other horses at risk.  TGC provides a safe haven for them, for 30 days at least, wherein they can settle a little, be checked by a vet, and if infected, get treatment. 

Please remember that these horses ARE looking for forever homes. Please contact Caroline Betts at the above website if you are interested in adopting one of these very wonderful horses. They cover a variety of ages and physical abilities.

 I am very proud to say that with this Quarantine area, we were able to help SCTR rescue 15 horses, and here are photos!  After 6 months of work, and some disagreements, TGC is no longer quarantining SCTR's horses.


The Fabulous Swing's Lew, ("Lew") age 18, winner during his race career of $99,000; ex-lesson horse at hunter jumper barn.  Lew, I am proud to say, has been adopted by TGC and is now happily living for the rest of his life in our herd.

The Beautiful Belleau Wood ("Belle") - extremely wellbred 14 year old, perfectly sound mare. A sensitive and assured mare, very athletic, would be a best friend and wonderful option for almost anyone who can look into her eyes and promise her the special attention she craves.

Cascade Mountain ("Red"), age 6, gelding, athletic and very mellow for an OTTB.  This boy will make someone a wonderful ride.  Red was also adopted and getting lots of TLC from his new owners.  

The beautiful Luis's Especial, age 5, winner in his career of $180,000+, has osselets in both front pasterns, left worse, but has been luck enough to attract the attention of what we hope will be a wonderful home in Northern California.  He has been adopted and is doing well in NorCal.

This is Judy, a sweet 2 1/2-3 year old filly, perfectly sound as far as we can tell. SCTR bought Judy at the request of the Red Bucket Equine Rescue in Huntington Beach, and she will be leaving TGC for her new home there this weekend (June 13). She had sand in her gut, as she was very poor, and rough coated, and probably had been eating too much dirt in an effort to get any and all feed available.  A daily regimen of psyllium succeeded in clearing her gut, and you can see she's improved a lot!  Last I heard, Judy was placed in a field with other horses as the main RBER facility was full. I hope she'll do ok.

 Apache is a 3 year old gelding, with an old bow in his left fore completely healed. He's very big and very sweet and biddable - with retraining as a riding horse, someone will love this big boy.

And this is Alternative Time "AT", a 4 year old, who appears to be sound.  He is very sweet to be around, not spooky, and not a dominant horse.  He also will need retraining to be a 'regular' riding horse,but otherwise, is a nice prospect for just about anything, so far.   Each bunch of horses that came in bonded - they'd been thru hell together, and it was sweet to see them work out little herd pecking-orders.  Sometimes it was possible for me to put geldings with mares, and when that was possible, it was neat to see how happy it made them.  Judy had to be insolated - she wasn't an SCTR rescue; Pretentious did well with Angel and Footloose Louie but was rejected as 'low mare' when Apache and Sammy joined her and Angel.  Belle was queen of her little herd consisting of Lew and Red.  And the Romeo & Juliet pair is here: A picture of the two love-birds to the right, Berty and Mysterious: 

This is Colorful Angel ("Angel") - a sweet 14 year old ex-broodmare bred in Texas, not too big, nicely put together and looking for a new life.  She will require re-training, but I think would make someone a wonderful companion on trails. She is sound. 

This is the gorgeous Footloose Louie ("Louie"), 9 year gelding, probably 16.3 hh and full of himself!  He has some old completely healed injuries and is on layup for another few months to finish another, but SCTR will begin working with him on the ground now, to determine what he knows.  There is a gap of many years after he left the track, during which we have no information of his activities.  

Here is Pretentious Native ("Pretty"), an 18 year broodmare. She is sweet as sugar. She will either need retraining for riding, or a 'companion' type home.TGC did offer Pretty a home for life, but was turned down. 

Sammy is a sweet 5 year old, two weeks into his quarantine here. He looks like a giant here, as Megan is very small. He's similar in build to Apache, but not quite as tall or thick.  Very sweet and easy to handle on the ground.... and mostly sound as far as we can tell at this point. 

The next four pictures are the last horses TGC will quarantine for SCTR. The pics are taken soon after their arrival - as all these horses were, they are quite thin and required lots of feed and love to bring around.   This is Slugo, a 4 year old chestnut with two splints (one old, one a little more recent) and otherwise big and healthy.  and this is Monte La Salle ("Monty"), 3 years old, last raced March 2009, and sound. He has gained weight and spirit, is not real big, and should soon be ready to adopt, I'd think!   Next is Bertrando's Flag, I think 6 yrs.  Berty, a tall and long-bodied horse, unfortunately, is severely lame in his left hind. Dr. Zadick on quick exam suggested immediate x-ray as there is at least a possibility there is a fracture in the cannon bone, but so far, Berty has not been x-rayed (a month here...).  He's sweet as apple pie but I believe in pain, and deeply attached to Mysterious...   And our last - a 3 year old untattooed filly rescued by SCTR "by accident" - she was picked up by their transporter instead of the 14 year old tattooed mare they wanted.  She's a lovely filly, quite small with a compact build but very athletic and apparently sound as can be.  A real nice project horse at this point ...