The Golden Carrot

is a forever home for older and manageably disabled horses, fully supported by the kind and generous donations of the public. As these horses are difficult to place in knowledgeable and responsible homes, they can depend on a final retirement here.   However, as a service to the community, we will help people who are trying to  place their healthy horse in a new home by working with other rescues.  If you need such help, please send pictures of your horse and history of experience and physical abilities/disabilities including age, as well as your ability to transport or provide ongoing support in any amount, to  - we'll do our best to help you.

The Golden Carrot



Join us today in our efforts to save those unloved, unwanted, unsafe equines, who deserve a better chance at life.

Donate if you can. Volunteer if you can. Spread the word!


Foaled in 2003 (approx.)
15.3 hh Bay Thoroughbred (OTTB) Mare

The gorgeous girl, Star (above)
These lovely photos of Star to the left and above were taken by DeeAnn Bradley, a longtime TGC supporter and professional photographer on 12/27/09. I hope to have more news about the exact identity of this lovely mare soon.   Star  is a young horse who was abandoned at the Norco Animal Shelter.   She was there at least a year, and for some reason the helpers couldn’t identify, never was adopted.  She is young, and off track as her tattoo indicates, but she is most of the time an extremely mellow mare, easy going and willing.  She can tear around when excited or on a cold morning, and is extremely athletic, showing no unsoundness at all. Her tendons are all tight, her feet are good and she’s a very easy keeper. Neighsavers is working with TGC and the Jockey Club database to attempt to identify Star, and so far, we’re pretty sure she is MUCH younger than we were told.  And certainly, riding her has shown that she is very green – willing to carry a rider, but clueless to normal leg cues and barely responsive to the bit. It may be that she hasn’t actually raced … more to come on that.

Like Sunny, Star gets pretty wooly in the winter – here’s a shot of those whiskers!

This is Star (left) in July 2008. I will be hoping to find just the perfect home for Star.  She’s been abandoned; she went to one adoptive home who, frankly, were idiots and liars, having almost no experience with horses at all; and she’s quite happy here, especially the minute she saw her former friend Mr. Happy Grump, with whom she’d been living at Norco Animal Shelter. If I have to ask her to go, I want her to go to that perfect home where she will be cared for and appreciated.

She’s pretty, isn’t she? Photos taken by DeeAnn Bradley, longtime supporter of TGC and professional photographer on 12/27/09.

Sierra and Star are starting some training.  Unfortunately, Sierra can’t be here as much as we need, so…. I guess I’m gonna have to show Star with a real load is like!  She needs the work and miles ….

Above, Star and Song are very bonded, so we often bring them down to work together.  See Song’s page for a cute pic of Star following Sierra and Song around the round pen!  Despite her tiny size, Song is the mom Star always wanted, and it’s quite hard to separate them….
2011 Update:  Well, since Remy and Daisy became friends, Star has been part of their "herd", and now that Medina has joined them, Star is fully happy!   Thankfully, Song was taken under Pepe Grillo's wing, although she had some sad days calling for Star.  O, that Star.  She's such a supermodel ....
Star is sponsored by Jane Crase (who formerly supported Savannah)- THANK YOU Jane for continuing your support TGC and for this lovely mare!
Please contact Casey if you’d like to sponsor any of the other Golden Carrot Horses.


Star and Ronan

Star and Ronan were the youngest horses at TGC - But now Gio and Jed are! All thrown away because people could not be bothered. Can you help them?
Jed and Gio - the youngest horses at TGC 



Many horses come to TGC ill, abused, starved. Right is Duke in July of 2008, and below is him again 2 months later.  We CAN make a difference, with your help.

Duke 2 months after he arrived at TGC












The Golden Carrot is home to 37 horses and 2 donks at this time.


First and foremost:  The Golden Carrot was hoping for a donation of land but after a decade, it seemed clear that we weren't going to get that. I'd been saving every penny hoping to have travel expenses, but decided to use it as a downpayment. Then came up against the hard truth that no lenders will lend to a 501c3. No matter what. So in the end, after countless hours on all the real estate sites, I found, and purchased, 130 acres in Snowflake AZ.  It is raw land, and while I have enough to get the well drilled and operational, and the property fenced, we still need your help.  Stalls will cost a lot to build. Tractor work to level a site, materials, someone to build, trenching water lines and electric etc.  Any donation you can make to help with these costs will be so much appreciated.


Or - do you have pipe corral panels you can donate? When we get to that point, would you be willing to help us transport our equine residents to their new digs? 

Secondly, donations, big or small, one-time or monthly, including sponsorships. If donations could swell a little, I could afford to offer an actual salary to a helper, and should we get to that land, I will need a helper!


Or maybe someone knows a big company that wants to sponsor us with one big donation (we could use that for the land!!)


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