14.2 hh Mustang Mare, gray
Foaled approximately 1995

Arrived TGC 2010

Passed away 6/20/16

Anaba (Navajo meaning ‘returns from war’) came to the Golden Carrot from Shirley Puga and her gang of rescuers, after they saved her the killer buyer’s feed lot. They thought they’d found a home for her, but she may have a ‘locking stifle’ and she was returned. She’s also very thin under her long hair coat, but feisty, and so beautiful with her one blue eye, and one light golden eye. Shirley and Marlene told me she was a mustang, and she does have the BLM brand, but I’m surprised. Those tiny feet and substantial rump, not to mention the pretty face, look very quarter-horsey to me, and she’s got the ‘tude and snortiness some arabians have, as well as a short back. I guess mustangs come in a lot of shapes and sizes! She walks sound with just a little hitch in that right hind, and can run backwards hammering poor Oso with both feet as she reverses, so I’m not sure about the stifle actually locking…        


On the left is Anaba’s left side amber eye; on the right is her right side blue eye! Really interesting looking but as far as I can tell, she sees well out of both. But then Dr. Zadick felt she doesn’t see well out of the golden eye …. perhaps just shadows, and she IS spooky on that side.

Anaba’s full body. Again, she’s pretty wooly so it’s not obvious but I think you can see how caved in she is on her topline, and how bony her shoulders are.

Here Anaba is wearing Anna’s old blanket. It’s a nice fit for this pony mare. Anaba was leery of having a blanket, and she doesn’t like contact around her hind legs. She gave the farrier a little hell, thinking something bad was coming. Both blanketing and trims were handled slowly, and she never threatened to kick, just tried hard to move away. And now she’s fine with a blanket, and we hope the trims next time will go a little easier. She has teeny feet….  UPDATE:  Here we are in September of 2011, and Anaba is STILL 'tetchy' about having her hind feet picked up.  She got her front feet trimmed a couple of days ago, but between her resistance, and my farrier's recent injury, we let her hind feet go till Juan has a chance to recover a little more.  I'm not doing my job here - I need to work with her a little all the time, so it's not a scary thing...

Anaba’s glamour shot – kinda exotic or even prehistoric, isn’t it?

Anaba is now sponsored. Sadly, her bff Butters passed away, but Butters' sponsor, Margaret Squires, has transferred her sponsorship to this lovely mare. THANK Margaret! Anaba could use a little more help tho, so please contact me if you can give a little for our exotic little Mustang mare.