In Loving Memory of Maker’s Mark

20 something years old
16 hand DrkBrown/Black Thoroughbred
Passed away 1998(ish)

To my deep embarrassment, I can’t recall exactly what year Mark died and the above is the only picture I have of him.  He was with me only a few weeks, dying of a broken leg.  Mark was a great jumper for his prior owners, but his arthritis was making his jumping more of an effort than a joy.  His people loved him enough to retire him, and he came to TGC. Mark was amazing in his pursuit of the mares – he would be standing one place, alone, and without ANYONE noticing, suddenly he’d be standing next to a mare, chatting her up.  Since he didn’t seem to notice that mare had a gelding of her own, he often took a beating when the gelding finally realized he was there!  I rode Mark only a few times, on gentle trail rides, and he was clearly interested and willing.  But one morning, between turnout and breakfast, somehow, all by himself, Mark broke his leg!  He was in a turn out on his own still – he wasn’t with me long enough for me to feel he was ok alone in the herd – with those mare-stealing ways, I didn’t want him getting hurt.  How ironic.  At breakfast, which I threw before my long commute to LA, I saw that he didn’t come to me as usual, letting me bring his hay to him.  I realized he had a huge swelling in his leg, and called the vet.   I had to leave for work before the vet could arrive, but my neighbor met with him and then called me with the bad news – Mark was gone.  He’d been laying down when Mike and Dr. Woods ararived.  Dr. Woods was horrified when he watched Mark get to his feet, leg dangling. His passing was quick and painless, and all I can do is weep for the waste, and remember that he was much loved by his former owners, so not having a lot of time to be happy here wasn’t as important as it is for some other horses.  He was a really really NICE horse for me.

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