CeCe ("Mantilla de Cielito")

Pervian Paso Mare, foaled 9/19/1999

Arrived TGC January 2020


This darling little powerhouse is CeCe, an elderly foundered Peruvian Paso mare whose devoted owner died unexpectedly. Tenants at the stable where CeCe was boarded contacted Polo Pony Rescue to help find her a home, and they contacted us.  Enough money was raised by PPR to cover a vet visit, and transport.


CeCe wasn't getting her medication - her levels were very very low and she was painfully skinny under all her hair.  While you don't want a Cushings horse to be fat, particularly on painfully foundered feet, skinny is not good either.  We have been able to slowly increase her to a better weight, and Sara Hunt has casted her feet, and she's getting her Prascend every day (we had some and thank donors who either sent more, or donated to help provide her meds).

As I so hoped, Pepe Grillo fell in love with her.  But I warned our supporters, mares usually find mares to hang with, their boyfriends are mostly 'tolerated' in the vicinity.  And tho at first Beezelee was very upset to have another mare join her and Pepe and Hollywood, in a few days Beezelee and CeCe were besties, deciding when and where to go, and allowing the boys to follow! 

She won my heart when, despite her friendship with Beezelee, she would go into her stall but come right out and gently murmur encouragement for Pepe to do so as well, until she had him safely tucked in - only then would she return to her feed bin. Awwww.... she DOES love him!  

CeCe came with a one time donation from the family, but that's pretty much covered her expenses to date.  She really needs sponsors - could you consider helping her?  Between special foot care, and her Prascend, she's a little more expensive than her tiny size would suggest.  She's really a doll, and has integrated into the herd in record time.  She seems thrilled to be here, thrilled with her friends, and even thrilled with me!  We're making her final years very happy ..... Would you like to be a part of that?  Our Donation Page has ways that you can help, one time or monthly.  Thank you for considering CeCe!