Charlie Tuck

American Cream Draft Gelding

Foaled Approx 1987

Goodbye Charlie, Passed away 11/6/18



Dear Charlie Tuck.  (I googled it, apparently the name of a famous Australian footballer which I think means soccer).  This old booger is something else, and immediately grabbed my heart.  Both of his eyes, the right worse, are deeply sunken. His feet were just awful, my farrier estimated over a year of neglect. Both long, badly cracked, and his left hind had a huge cavity from an old enormous abscess - and that foot was completely deformed by his trying to walk on the side of that foot!  We WERE able to change that a lot with the first trim, with so much foot to work with.   And then we got his low back adjusted, and he's a new horse!  His two problems tho, that we cannot fix and which will likely end his life, are almost no grinding teeth left in his head and advanced squamous cell carcinoma on his penis. 


I guess at some point,  the therapy riding center had put him in boarding at the local veterinary clinic, where he just stood for 3 years. I wish they'd noticed that cancer - in the early stages it is quite treatable.  At this state, well into the meat of the penis, its a matter of time before it interferes with his ability to pee. And at his age, 30+, surgical options would be brutal.  

He came in with Mrs. Beezelee, and their love has remained strong for these few weeks here at TGC - in fact, after his treatments, and with some pain relief, Charlie felt today that maybe Beezelee really wanted a little more, and he tried to "do" her - she was NOT impressed, squealed, gave a little kick and walked off.  O well, Charlie, she still likes you, just not that way.....

Charlie Tuck has HUGE personality.  He stormed into the main herd on his second day, even before his back was fixed, and demanded that everyone take notice.  Pepe is enamoured of him - yes, HIM, not Beezelee.  He kicked the crap out of Keller who got violent with him; he kicked over a full water barrel when several horses pressured him, but neither other horses nor he showed damage at the end of the day.  He makes his point, and takes no crap.  His time with us may be short, but we'll make him as happy and comfortable as we can.  


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