Foaled in 1985 (approx.)
16 hand Thoroughbred Bay Mare w/star

Shawnee is an excitable and high energy mare, sound but with little hysterical quirks that make her an advanced ride.  I did use her as a school horse with Craig Lyons up – she’d forgotten how to  be ponied but was kind to her rider and moved out well once she got the  idea. This little girl was a school horse at PBRC and just a little too  hot to handle the jumping program. She loves to circle  the arena at a nice walk, trot, canter, and used to love to take calm trail rides with her buddy Domino.  When Domino died, Shawnee began to follow Josh & Simply Red around and Josh has adopted her.  Mike Roth pays for her shoeing expenses.
After Josh’s passing, Shawnee has spent her time with Beau.  She’s not a horse to stand alone, and feuds constantly with mares.   And when we lost Beau in 2013, she was lost. She wandered around, but has begun to hang with Navigator and Jordan, altho neither has really stepped up as a guardian for her. 
This is Shawnee (left) in 12/09, photo taken by DeeAnn Bradley


Shawnee is part sponsored (her shoeing) by her former owner, Michael Roth. In addition, Marilyn Braly has provided support.  THANK YOU BOTH for helping this lovely mare.

Please contact Casey if you would be interested in co-sponsoring Shawnee, or any of the un-sponsored horses at The Golden Carrot.