Haley  told her class, all family and other friends that she didn't want birthday presents on her 11th birthday, but instead, requested donations for the benefit of  TGC horses.  Haley is horse-mad thanks to her 5 year old TB cross, Tuxedo, so she chose TGC to benefit from her kindness.
You have to love such a sweet girl, and love Tuxedo for being the wonderful horse he must be to inspire her to give up her birthday presents for the benefit of other horses!  I am delighted to report that her efforts have earned $315.00 for TGC. You've got to love horses. This wonderful horse has inspired an equally wonderful girl to do good for other horses - and lucky for us, she's got a wonderful family to help her do it.  Many many thanks, Haley , for your kindness and generosity!  I hope someday you can visit California, and TGC, to see the horses you have helped! 
UPDATE October 2008 - amazingly, Haley did it again! For the second year in a row, Haley had her friends and family send donations to TGC rather than get birthday presents.  Thank you Haley, for all you do!
And AGAIN - In 2009 Haley did it AGAIN!!  Once again, thanks and admiration are due this wonderful young lady for giving up her birthday gifts to The Golden Carrot Horses! THANK YOU, HALEY!