Donate Today!

The Golden Carrot NEEDS your help to maintain our facility, and to care for, preserve and protect the retired horses. We always need money – and no donation is too small – but if you cannot make a monetary donation there are still plenty of ways you can help. The Golden Carrot needs volunteers to help with the cleaning, care, love and attention needed by these retirees, and very much needs labor and materials for fixing stalls and fences.

There are several ways to donate to The Golden Carrot…

Sponsor a horse!

All of our horses need food, farrier care, vet care, and more to live out their retirement. View a list of our sponsored/unsponsored horses and find out how to start sponsoring a horse today

Donate with Paypal!
Click on the 'Donate' button below to make an online donation with Paypal.  Paypal is free and easy to use, so if you do not have an account you can make on at today!                  


Make a monthly donation

Message to The Golden Carrot

Send us a check!

Please send check payable to The Golden Carrot, Inc., to  33175 Temecula Pkwy, #917, Temecula CA 92492 – we will send you a tax deductible receipt – and our thanks!

Make a purchase from any of the links below and a percentage of your purchase price will go to The Golden Carrot, at no cost or effort to you!

This site ( is an online mall – you register your “cause” (The Golden Carrot) and then enter the mall and shop on line as usual. The only difference is, because you went through the mall, a percentage of your total purchase amounts will be sent to The Golden Carrot every quarter. It’s easy – shopping is just the same and at the same stores – and it helps. Try it! My personal favorite is  Click here to visit and start shopping today!
You can also, if you shop at Ralphs Grocery Store or Krogers, sign up for their community rewards program. Then, when you shop, at NO COST TO YOU, a percentage of your purchases will be donated to TGC!  Here's the link for that

Donate Equipment/Supplies

Old equipment such as buckets, rakes and wheelbarrows in working condition, hot walkers, feeders, saddle or bridle racks, and blankets, sheets, saddles and tack; grooming equipment. Email, or make a call, and tell me what you’ve got and we can make arrangements to get it.  We can also use feed (alfalfa or bermuda hay/pellets, senior feed, etc.), horse dewormers, Psyllium, medical supplies, lumber, tools, nails, stall equipment (such as chains, clasps, gate latches, etc.), roofing material, or whatever else you may have that you think we could use!

Do you have any other ideas how you could help us?  If you are interested in what the Golden Carrot is doing, would like further information, or would like to donate anything at all, please call or email us at cocarrot10@gmail, today!  Even if you are not able to donate today, pass on the information to friends, family, and coworkers because every little bit counts!