Horses That Need Homes!

Ok here we go:  as of February 13, 2013, these are horses we're trying to place:

DeeDee's Legacy - 8 year old OTTB gelding - take a look at that video, he is GORGEOUS!

Thank you for your assistance in placing Dee Dee’s Legacy.  He is very important to us as he is the first horse we bred.  He is an easy horse to be around, and we want to ensure he lives out his life with good care. 

We saved Dee Dee’s Legacy from extensive damage to his left front suspensory early last year and have been supporting his rehabilitation at Magali Farm in Santa Ynez.  He has been on lay-up since surgery, and he is still slightly lame, but his condition seems to have stabilized.  It looks like he will be able to be a pasture/companion horse only and not a pleasure riding horse.  He currently lives in a stall and is turned out to a small daypen (drylot) for two to three hours every day.  Attached is a letter from Dr. Ed Hamer of Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center regarding Dee Dee’s Legacy’s condition.  Here is a link to a video taken this week as well -

Please let me know if I may provide any additional information that would helpful to finding Dee Dee’s Legacy a home.  Feel free to contact Dr. Hamer at Alamo Pintado or Tom Hudson at Magali Farm.

David Corwin



Zephyr, TB mare - (see the video links below for this lovely mare.)


Thank you for getting back to me so promptly.  The reason I had not given you more information before is because I was unsure if you program served horses in Zephyr´s position.  Some programs are just focused on helping horses that have been abandoned, neglected, or are going to slaughter and Zephyr is none of these things.

Now more information about Zephyr...

Zephyr was an eventer in her past (before I owned her), but maxed out after pre-lim.  She then had two foals and was very successfully shown at 1st level and prepared to show at 2nd.

Zephyr has had mild soundness issues with her right hind fetlock for the last year and a half or so.  The vet was never able to give a definite diagnosis, but said it was most likely do to regular wear and tear over she carrier. At first the vet thought it might be inflamation of the joint capsule, and then later either something soft tissue or bone related.  It is most noticeble on small turns to the right, where Zephyr dips too much with her right hind.  However, working does not seem to bother her at all.  I think she would be fine for light pleasure or dressge work, but no heavy uper-level collection, which would strain the joint.  She is currently out of work as I have gone off to college and because of the uncertainness of her soundness.  Since it was uncertain what exactly was wrong and if she was in pain, I was warry to ride her in case of hurting her.  For this reason, it has been difficult to place her because no one wants to take on a older horse that might have more lameness problems.

Overall her ground manners are very good, but she is a Thoroughbred and a mare, so she may test someone´s limmits until they show her who is boss.

She crossties, grooms, and trailers well.  She is well behaved for the vet, farrier, dentist, etc. and is currently up to date on everything.  She goes well in only front shoes, which are regular keg.  I have the majority of her health records dating back through her last two owners.  I am heard third owner after the track, where she was bred, but never raced.

As far as feeding goes, she is easy to keep weight on and is not on any special supplements, etc.

My ideal of a situation for her would be with a person who wanted a companion or light pleasure horse.  I believe that she would also be a potential candidate for breeding.

I do not have a trailer, but I would be able to arrange transport.  As far as support goes, are you refering to a one-time donation or support over time?  I am sure that something could be worked out.  Below I have attached links to photos and videos.

Let me know if I can give you any other information.
Shannon McCarley []


Hurricane, 30 yr old TB mare



Name:    OMAR
Breed: Arabian.  ( Bay with moon on forehead).
Hands: approx. 14.3     
Sex: Gelding.
Age: 28 years
Nature/behavior:  Stands , trailers, bathes loves massages & grooming.  Likes children. Good  leader.  Lots of trail experience in groups.  Has been on plenty of camp outs and loves it. Even rode the San Juan Capistrano parade.  He has a great temperament and is a fine stall buddy.
Shoes: Un-shod.
Health:  Good.  Please ask Rachel for more specifics.
Shots:.Up to date.
Location:.San Juan Capistrano CA 92675
Reason for Adoption:  Rachel needs to retire Omar. She is getting older and has some health issues.
Cost:   Please discuss with Rachel but I understand he is free to a great new home.  However, so as not to profit from Omar but to deter him falling into the wrong hands, Rachel may ask you to make a donation to a vet of your choice as a surety.  Or perhaps to make a donation to the local equine charity, Bethany’s Gait  (tax deduction available).


Registered Morgan Mare

I'm contacting you to see if you are taking in any horses at this time? Due to financial issues I can no longer keep my Morgan mare, I'm sure you get tons of these emails each day. She is a 23 Year old Morgan Mare and very sweet, no health issues other than she wears front shoes and she is up to date on all vaccines. Mare is a good arena horse, but a little more energy on trail.

I have several horses but some have to go at this time and I am to heavy to ride this mare. She was leased out for awhile but is no longer being leased and I'm forced to find her a home. I just want to make sure she goes somewhere she will be taken care of, not abused and not sent to slaughter. I rescued her myself about 8 years ago when her owners were no longer able to pay for her board, however I was in a much different situation.

Please let me know if you know anyone that may be intersted in her or if you have room for her. We are located in Ramona.