In Loving Memory of Zayler

30+ years old Purebred Arabian

Passed away May 22, 1999

Zayler had a difficult past. He was sent to us by Katie Davis, who had loved him until his frail health and age prompted her to try to find him a retirement home. Some months after she’d placed him, she went by to visit and found him starving to death. She seized him, began to rehabilitate him, and eventually found The Golden Carrot.

Zayler came back so well here that we were giving lessons on him and he took great pride in carrying little children, carefully placing his feet and refusing more than a gentle walk around the arena.

I lost Zayler on May 22, 1999 – he didn’t make the move with us to Anza. He was in his 30s, riddled with tumors and with back end problems that made getting up very difficult. Dr. Patton helped to send Zayler gently on his way. He will be missed. 

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