Foaled in 2003 (approx.)
15.3 hh Bay Thoroughbred (OTTB) Mare

The gorgeous girl, Star (above)
  Star  is a young horse who was abandoned at the Norco Animal Shelter.   She was there at least a year, and for some reason the helpers couldn’t identify, never was adopted.  She is young, and off track as her tattoo indicates, but she is most of the time an extremely mellow mare, easy going and willing.  She can tear around when excited or on a cold morning, and is extremely athletic, showing no unsoundness at all. Her tendons are all tight, her feet are good and she’s a very easy keeper. 
And certainly, riding her has shown that she is very green – willing to carry a rider, but clueless to normal leg cues and barely responsive to the bit. It may be that she hasn’t actually raced … more to come on that.  We THINK she is "La Carita" - but it seems horses in her age bracket who are bay with white on the hinds and a star are legion.  This was as close as we could get reading her tat. This makes is more like 5 when I got her at the Norco Shelter.  Making her closer to a 2002 foal....  the shelter told me she was 15. 

I will be hoping to find just the perfect home for Star.  She’s quite happy here, especially the minute she saw her former friend Mr. Happy Grump, with whom she’d been living at Norco Animal Shelter. As time has passed here, she has befriended only one mare - Daisy who I think is the mother she never had - and mostly prefers to hang with the top geldings (Laddie, Dominic, Jedi).  If I have to ask her to go, I want her to go to that perfect home where she will be cared for and appreciated.
She’s pretty, isn’t she? 

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