Princess Anya

19-20 year old Chestnut Thoroughbred Mare (foaled approx 1995)

 Passed away 5/30/23


This lovely mare was once someone's baby. She was super well cared for, healthy weight, shiny coat, recent shoes, and her teeth done.  She's well trained, bright eyed and cooperative.  She stood, a little confused but willing, in the auction ring, innocent and unaware that her life was changing forever.  Lovely as she is, only the kill buyer was bidding for her.   How does that happen?


At that auction were several rescues, including one that specializes in Off Track Thoroughbreds. That rescue "committed" to save her.  But upon closer look, realized she was "older", and that she was not off track (no tattoo).  Thus, she would be harder to place, and harder to fundraise for.  Their committment ended here, and Anya came here (I'd told another rescue at the auction that if an older horse was in trouble, to go ahead and try to save them, TGC would help him or her, and on hearing from the first "rescue", the second one contacted me to take Anya.  I don't pay for horses, but had to pay her fees; I figured I'd spend as much rehabilitating an older more damaged horse, so went ahead and paid her 'bail'.)

At any rate, because she's not bone thin, or hopelessly disabled, maybe our dear Anya won't be sponsored.  But TGC is committed to providing for the unwanted horses, those tossed aside like an old Kleenex.  Will you join us in showing Anya that her innocent trusting nature, and belief in the goodness of humans, is justified?

Let me tell you that this is one sweet hearted mare.  She has been friendly with horse after horse in the field, male and female.  When she and Buttercup get together, it's like a sugar overload!  She loves the donkeys too.  She behaves well, and so far, the only horse that's been mean to her, unfortunately, is her stallmate Jasper!  She was between him and Daisy tho, so when I switched them out, he got a little better!   And once she's settled in well, I'll find out if she rides, and let you know. 

Please join us in taking care of this lovely mare for the rest of her days.  I believe she deserves it!


So far, Elizabeth C and Jan Heppert have stepped up with part sponsorships for Anya. Can you join them to help this lovely mare live? Thank you, ladies!