Crescent Moon Jet

Foaled March 1, 1984

Black Appendix Gelding

Passed away January 19, 2018

Goodbye to Leo and Crescent Moon Jet



August 22, 2014, our latest resident, Jet, arrived.  Jet is 30, and has a set of problems not surprising at his age, mostly managable.  So far, he's a lovely horse to handle, and trying hard to make friends with the herd.  At his age, and a tad underweight, the ordeal of his 6 hour trailer ride here (and don't ask me why it took that long from San Diego), he was smart enough to hang in the stall line while he rested and recovered.  Now at at week here, he's starting to join the herd, by Basky's side.


His history includes time as a show horse, and a couple of recent years as a therapy horse.  Although his grandsire was the great Jet Deck, he never raced. His Therapy Horse Program owner is trying to get pictures of him during his show days, but I think these are so endearing.  How sweet does he look ?


The woman who ran the therapy program has fallen on hard times, and contacted us hoping we could help Jet.  He's a deserving guy, and after his vet visit, we're going to start him on medication for Cushings.  


He could really use some help - could you consider even a partial sponsorship for this guy?  So far, he has one part-sponsor, Lori Swenson - THANK YOU Lori for stepping up for Jet.  Will someone consider joining with Lori to help Jet?