Bay Mare, possibly Appendix QH or Morgan?

Foaled approximately 1993

Arrived TGC 11/30/14

Passed away April 23, 2021



Dear Naomi is so sweet, and her story so sad!  She was found as a stray, along Highway 166 and Old River Road in Kern County, CA.  This mare LOVES horses, and would not have willingly been on her own anywhere, so I have to assume someone dumped her.  She was skinny, she shows signs of having been roped or had a bad accident with barbed wire in the scarring of her hind cannon bones, she has had at least one baby in the past, and possibly pulled a cart.  We get this from scars!  

And yet, she was lovely for the vet, and is devoted to her friend Summer (they came together), protecting her from everything! 


The doc floated her as she had at least one tooth digging deep into her cheek, but says her heart and lungs and gut sounds are all good for a mare her age!  Laurie adjusted her neck, and it was amazing to see an immediate softening of her eye.  Like our Leo, Laurie thinks these maladjustments on Naomi might be of long standing, so she will be looked at next time Laurie visit for a followup.


Naomi  thanks Niki Daniels for stepping up to help feed this girl!  More sponsors, or occasional donors could help defray her vet expenses and farrier expenses, so please, if you're interested in Naomi, please feel free to step up!