Chestnut Gelding (breed?)

Foaled approximately 1983-5

 Arrived TGC March 26, 2015.

Durango was a rental string horses at the Star Ranch in Corona. At some point, the owner of that property called it quits, not paying on the property and threatening to sell all 60 odd horses to slaughter. He pretty much stopped feeding them, and for a couple of years that effort has been accomplished by one of Eileen’s friends. Community efforts (including the other owner taking those horses he thought he could sell) found placement for most of these hardworking horses, but our two, an old crippled stallion, an elder gelding who was returned when the other owner couldn't sell him, and a lame filly were left (as of 4/2/15 HiCaliber Horse Rescue has stated they will take the stallion and the rejected gelding, and the filly has a placement). 

These people who make money using animals are the very WORST people in my opinion, using them, using them up, and discarding them like garbage. May they all burn in hell.  Eileen also contacted some pig rescues for the pigs left there.

Durango and Carson were both Catalina horses! Talk about horses who’ve been there and done that! I can just imagine my horses on that ferry to Catalina! Yikes! With all their adventures together, it's not a surprise they're bonded. And then they were string horses at Star Ranch for at least 10 years. So these guys have miles and miles and miles on them. And you can see it in their aching joints. But they’re used to a herd environment, and have all of the aplomb that comes with years of experience. Durango is thinner, but more animated. I suspect he’s mostly toothless but attacks any kind of food with gusto. Carson I think is suffering right now from wretched feet making his legs ache, more than anything.


Durango's visit with the vet showed he had several points that had to be floated and one tooth too loose to leave in, it had to come out.  He endured the dental work, and otherwise had good gut and heart sounds.  The doc agrees he's quite elderly but in good shape (a little thin).  He'll see the chiro tomorrow (4/5/15) and the farrier on Tuesday and then time and food will work their magic, I hope!


I'm happy to say that Durango has a part sponsor, Lisa Montgomery!  Thank you so much Lisa for stepping up for this deserving boy.   Folks, Durango will need more sponsorship - without much in the way of teeth, he needs more pelleted feed than the norm, and in addition plenty of chia and/or psyllium (pelleted feed does not provide the long fiber that helps keep stuff moving thru the guts). Can you consider a monthly donation towards his care?