22 y/o Argentine TB gray mare

Arrives TGC 10/5/15



An Argentine TB mare in her 20s, Tolly has melanomas, a sticky stifle, stiff ankles (arthritis) and is smart enough to know if you can ride or not! Meaning, if you can, she's brilliant and bombproof. But if you don't.... get ready for a little bucking.  Thing is, with her age and physical issues, you'd like to put kids on her, but it really has to be kids that can ride, and most of them can move up from a 22 year old with arthritis!  Well, after a long career as a polo pony, it's ok for her to retire now...



She has done a lot - polo pony, played with cows, taught kids to ride. You can see she still has life left in her. Let's help her enjoy a retirement!

Tolly came in with a 15 year old OTTB named Beppe, and the two are in love. (SOoooo often I see older mares and younger geldings ... Cougars come in all breeds!)   The two are quite attached so far.

She's steady for the younger riders too.

Above she worked cows FOR THE FIRST TIME!  She's smart, maybe even unflappable!

And here she was in her glory days at Polo. 

Apparently she aspires to be a brown horse and has a rep for being the dirtiest white horse at PPR.  O my, wait till she sees our mudhole! (update - o my. She looked like this in short order. Dirty Tolly!)














Tolly has one part sponsor - can you join in to help her expenses with a small monthly donation?