TH/QH cross chestnut mare

Foaled approximately 2000


Kaz has come to TGC thru the Stanford University polo program, where Gamut used to work. 


Kaz is considered "hot" and so wasn't suitable for beginning riders in the polo program, and between that and her age, was harder to place.  She DOES seem to have some stiffness issues, which we are treating with mild pain relievers as needed.


so far, Kaz seems to be a "man's woman", generating lots of interest in the horses, from Ronan, to Bear, to Jedi.  

She comes back to her stall at night very eagerly and has her head all the way out the window looking for that second bucket that has the carrots in it!  

She has a scar on her shoulder, that doesn't seme to cause any problems - polo wars no doubt...

Two of the volunteer coaches, Michael and Heather, from the polo program are providing some financial support for Kaz - but we need much more just to cover her feed expenses, so if you would consider this girl, even $10 or $20 a month would be a wonderful help to us, and validation of her years teaching humans to ride!