30+ Chestnut Arabian Mare

Arrived from Auction to TGC 6/3/18



Dear tiny Renee was seen at auction by fellow rescue LTH, who contacted us to see if we would take her.  Altho LTH is an Arabian horse rescue, Renee is elderly, and unpapered, and thus not a prospect for adopton.   And that's what we are here for, right?


This sprightly mare is tiny, delicate, and full of herself!  To her, 30+ is truly just a number.  Both LTH's vet and Dr. Z confirmed she's well into her 30s, but her grinding teeth are in good shape and so, she looks dang good!   Arabians are often longer lived, and longer useful in their lives, than other breeds, and she's a good example.  Excellent type-y appearance, full of energy, and has attached herself to RJ, who is confused by the whole thing, Renee is a lovely addition to our crew of oldsters. 

She storms out at full speed every morning, partly to avoid the thugs (Laddie and Dominic) and partly, well, just because she can! Often when she comes in at night, she will toss her head and swirl around with impatience at my slowness getting that gate open! 

Here Renee faces the herd on her first day - really? Join THAT mob? But she did!

Her first morning at TGC.  Still tired, but ready to say 'good morning' to Trace in the next stall.


All fire, this girl!  I hope that means we can have her company for a long time....  Renee has two sponsors, Renee R and Linda R.  Thank you ladies for stepping up for our tiny terror!