Gray Thoroughbred Mare

Foaled approximately 1988


This is Maggie.  Dear Maggie was a riding stable horse, who was "too much" for the younger riders.  She was dumped at auction.  Fellow rescuer LTH saw her, and sent me her picture, and the pic of a sign on her pen, without another word.    So in one of our rare deviations from the norm, we paid her bail ($180) and brought her in.


Maggie is huge.  There may be warmblood in there as well as TB.  And as a big girl, who was "too much" for her riders, I'm betting they were underfeeding her in an effort to take her edge off.  And I'm betting she got even harder to ride, being weakened, and probably due to her size getting the largest riders.  She knew what she could do, and what she couldn't.  

Well, we feel she's earned a retirement, and here she is.  With only a little sponsorship.  But she fell almost instantly in love with Woodie, who is happy to have this huge 'bodyguard' follow him around. And as time has gone by, she understands they have adjacent, but separate stalls, and she's gained weight and become quite happy.   All she needs now is someone special in her corner ... could that be you?