20-something QH Gelding

Arrived 3/21/22




Cole is a QH gelding who was a Western show horse in his younger years, bumped from owner to owner (5 altogether) and ended up with a private rescuer who had to foster him as she didn't have room. After getting his weight back up and health squared away, she asked if TGC could provide a safe haven for his final years.

He reminds me of our Hershey, a little.  I really hate the way his right front foot looks and will consult with our farrier on the next visit. The reason he's not still carrying riders is told to me this way:  His then owner decided out of the blue to tie a truck tire to a leadrope, and the rope to Cole's saddle, and tried to have him drag it as she rode him.  She wasn't a very good rider, and in his startlement, she went off, and he ran wildly around the tiny round pen, that damn tire bounding up and smacking him in the hocks repeatedly.   So dumb.  


I will try to get a video and better pics of him tomorrow morning. This old boy is on MSM,  as well as occasional bute for soreness, and I think he may still need a little weight.  He needs some help!  Is anyone interested in sponsoring or part sponsoring this sweet little old guy?  Let me know...


Day 1 I got more pics - god, he stands so oddly. His hind end makes my back ache! 


This one made me laugh. He's calm, but  I see him asking "He's behind me, isnt he?"