28 year old Appaloosa gelding

Arrived 3/10/23


Thru the reference from Polo Pony Rescues Cathy Trope, Cowboy has arrived!  A very tall (probably 16'1 or 2) gelding who does NOT look like an Appaloosa at all, and has been referrred to instead as a "sooty buckskin" lost his owner.  He's a little thin for his size, but you know we feed a lot of pelleted feed and that should help him pick up a little.


He's a "man's man" - so for all his favorites are geldings, such as Daja, Dillinger and maybe Cole. 


He's very beautiful and you can see he was fancy in his youth. Pedigree is here too.

The pics I have of him here are with his winter coat and he's already beginning to shed out, where the 'buckskin' coloring is showing. 

Please welcome him, and please if you can, set up a small monthly donation for his care and feeding!  As you know, he has the misfortune of being elderly and vulnerable during "interesting times", that is, during raging inflation!  Every penny helps - can you send a few our way?