29 Year Old Mare (DOB: 3/15/95)

Arrived TGC: 4/11/24


Today, we welcome Annie, a 29 year old mare (DOB: 3/15/95). Our first intake since Cowboy over a year ago, and I hasten to assure you that Annie’s former owner has committed to her ongoing support, as well as having her vet checked including float and vaccinations (records provided), and feet trimmed before transporting her to us. All that saves me having to do that work. In addition to a monthly donation toward Annie’s feed, she will be applying to her employer to match her yearly donations! In these tight times, this is almost the only way I can justify accepting a new intake.


Annie has been with her former owner since she was 8 years old. Her owner states: She has lived in a large pasture all of that time with her daughter, Belle, as a companion until Belle passed away suddenly last summer. She is very easy to handle and is such a sweetheart. To the best of my knowledge, she doesn't have any major health issues but she does require a grain diet (currently 2X per day) and water-soaked hay cubes to maintain proper weight. She has been barefoot the entire time she has lived with my family and has very well-maintained feet.” I am hopeful she will thrive on our pelleted feed, but we’re getting some of her current feed with her, to make transition from what she’s been eating to our diet easier. There’s not one box her former owner is not checking to provide for “her girl”.

As you know, prices have gone sky hight, so despite the support from her former owner, Annie could use a sponsor or two!  Can you visit our Donate/Sponsor a horse page, here, and set up a monthly donation for this girl? So many changes in her life, can you help to provide support for her?