Jet Iron

Foaled April 1, 2003
Bay Thoroughbred Gelding - Off Track

This is the beautiful Jedi, 9 year old Off Track Thoroughbred gelding.

(stable name chosen by supporter Lisa Brozek because we have a Jet of fond memory in our history here at TGC).

Jedi has also been badly lamed on his RF and an old LF Fetlock medial sesamoid area injury as well, after a long racing history in 2009, 2010 and 2011 for lifetime earnings of $119,623 in 48 races. He was claimed four times.  All this effort, so many changes in his life, and he ends up needing Neigh Savers to help him. At only just 9 years old, he's seen so much, and been so damaged, that he's a basketful of problems.  Neigh Savers thought they might be able to help him, but he couldn't stay sound, and turned him out to pasture with some mares as he weaves in stalls and didn't seem to get along with geldings.










Since coming here with Gio, he's taken that younger horse under his care.  Jedi is a very excitable and anxious guy. He sticks close to Gio and gets between Gio and any danger he thinks is coming.  He's a little sounder, but much less relaxed.  Although we made him a huge special stall, he stands in the open and shifts from foot to foot as soon as he sees me, until he is let out. Then he goes directly to Gio's gate and waits for him.  Gio doesn't seem to mind ....

I'm hoping that after a year or so Jedi will relax.  I will work him when I think Gio can handle a little work too - at least at this point, separating the two even for a short workout would lead to a setback for Jedi.  But he does need an outlet for all that energy and will, like Rocky, probably be a hard keeper until either the general situation here, or a work regimen, helps to calm him down. 

In his short life, he's had 9 owners - that's almost a new one every year.  That's hard on any horse - they are creatures of habit and routine. We need to give him time to realize that he's home now.  We'll take care of him now.  Can you help? 


I'm very happy to report that John Chun has taken an interest here, and part-sponsors Jedi!  Thank you John!  Can anyone join with him to help Jedi?