Our Fair Lad

17.1 hh Dark Bay/Brown OTTB Gelding
Foaled 2005

Our Fair Lad (left) early December 2010

Laddie with hopefully be a temporary resident at TGC, as he is young, and so far, seems to be perfectly sound.  He was in a bad situation, as I’m sure his thinness will indicate, and Deborah Jones contacted me after the Thoroughbred rescues couldn’t help.  She worked hard to get money to pay his owner (don’t get me started on paying someone who got a free horse, and underfed them like this, and then gets paid $450 for it!), and then find a transporter (Kim Rucich traveled from Vista to Compton to Anza and home for just gas money), and me, to get this sweet young boy into a better place.






This is Laddie (above right) two days after arrival at TGC.  I communicated with Laddie’s breeder, and she was able to contact the former trainer who advised her that Laddie was injured and “might have had a hairline fracture in his pelvis”. Yes, no x-rays were taken, he was apparently just dropped on this 16 year old Mexican kid in Compton.  And these pictures indicate just how inappropriate a home that was.  Deborah told me that when she went to see him, Laddie was shivering as the kid had given him an all over bath in the bitter cold weather, and that twice Laddie reared up from rough handling, cracking his head on the roof of his teeny stall.  Yea, not the best situation, and I think you can see why I agreed to take him.


Laddie (above) already improved after a week at TGC.  Now, Laddie doesn’t fit the mission here at TGC – he’s like Dennis the Menace running around the old folks’ home!  Rocky loves to play bite my face with him, and he’s already put on weight, so I think he’s happy.  But I hope to find time in the next few months to work with him to see what he knows, and when the time comes, Karin at Neigh Savers has agreed to help find him a good placement. In addition, I have Julie (Pepe Grillo’s sponsor) keeping an eye out for a good placement as well.  I believe that Laddie would be a lovely dressage horse, and possibly even a jumper …. let’s keep our fingers crossed we can find him a good home.

A lovely Lad indeed...

Karin already researched the boy, and found out that he raced 6 times at Bay Meadows and Golden Gate. He only earned $3,420.  We have no history to explain him ending up in Compton a year after his last race.




This is Laddie on 1-25-11. It's partly hair, but he is much better filled out.

I am also happy to report that Mr. John Murrell of Texas has sent a generous donation to help defray the expenses of this calorie-hungry youngster!  Thank you, Mr. Murrell, for stepping up for Laddie!  He’s a big boy, and hungry!  I believe Laddie’s big expenses will be feed, possibly front shoes when I start working him, and some money for training. 

I would also like to thank After the Finish Line who responded to my plea for assistance for Laddie as well. He really DOES eat a lot!

Sweet Laddie went to Northern California on March 24, 2011, for training with NEIGH SAVERS, a wonderful rescue specializing in OTTBs. There, Laddie will learn a new discipline, and NS will work to find him the perfect forever home. Good Luck, Laddie boy, and THANK YOU to Neigh Savers for this invaluable service!


Well, in mid August 2010, suddenly Laddie was "unsound for riding", showing great tenderness in his back.  Long story short, Neigh Savers was used badly by their foster facility, and in 30 days were suddenly moving all 6 of their horses out of there. We believe that Laddie had an accident - perhaps a training accident of some sort, or a casting incident, and the facility didn't report it. He not only had great tenderness in his low back, and heat just above his tail, he has two swollen areas just below his knees (as tho maybe someone tried to jump him, and he hit the cross-rail, and went heels over head?) I'm not surprised NS had to get out of there - what kind of trainer doesn't report an accident, and consult with the owner to get vet care and pain relief for the injured horse?  He also refused to give back Laddie's blanket!

Laddie came home because although NS had planned to have an equine chiropractor look at his back to see what the sudden problem was, he colicked on the Labor Day weekend and the emergency vet bill to pull him thru used up their funds.  With all she had to deal with, NS decided to send Laddie back here for rehab. Happily, NS has found a new, much more professional foster facility for their horses, to which we hope Laddie will be able to return in the future.

Luckily, Laurie Henkel was able to adjust Laddie's low back, and already, only a week here, he's doing MUCH better. On advice of our vet, he's on a short course of bute to help reduce inflammation.  Then, probably 30 days off to be sure he's ok, and I may begin ground work with him.  NS will take him back for final training and adoption, but I think we'll give Laddie the winter here to recover a bit.  Spring is a great time to look for new homes (as the new show season starts) so hopefully our boy will be ready ..... Much as I love the stinker, I'd hate to have him wasted here for the next 20 years!

He lost some of the weight he'd gained at NS, probably as a result of his injury and then a colic, but hopefully we'll be able to get that back on him before winter sets in.  Any help for Laddie's expenses will be greatly appreciated. This 17.1 hand TB is a BIG eater, with a fast metabolism. He has FOUR bottomless legs!

I'm happy to report that our Fair Laddie has  part sponsors now! 

and Thanks too to Teri Ludwick helping our boy! YAY!

Anyone want to join them to help with Laddie's expenses?