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December 2010 Newsblast

Happy New Year to All!


First, I want to report, sadly, that Princess Picadilly has passed on. You can read her story at . Her stay here was short, but her tiny self made a huge impact on me. She was a wonderful pony and will be sorely missed by me, Pepe Grillo, and her loving sponsors Peter and Emma.



Second, I am so happy to provide you with this link, to a video of The Golden Carrot 2010 Year in Review, prepared by Julia Brozek! I am thrilled with her effort and hope you will be too!


Third, I’d like to thank Tierra del Norte Arabian Horse Assn, who have again donated a portion of the proceeds of their Community All-Breed Horse Show held in November to TGC, to sponsor Bruhad. This terrific organization, thru Dave Murphy, has also worked with me to help spread the word of Arabian horses looking for homes. This is a twice a year show, May and November, and a relaxed friendly atmosphere to give your horse some time in a show setting without a lot of pressure - all breeds, all disciplines represented. Their show will be posted on my website’s calendar and I can give directions if you’re interested in joining in the fun.


Finally, Barrie Young (who brought us Chief) has spent many hours and her great creative talent to create a new website for The Golden Carrot. In the long run, this is going to save me many dollars, and lots of aggravation! She did this for us for NOTHING - in gratitude that we were able to take in Chief, whose training issues put him at great risk for slaughter. Barrie has also volunteered to do some manning of our booth at Equine Affaire, so if you’re gonna be there, please thank her for this wonderful work!  You're on the new site reading this newsletter - so please browse around and see how it looks and works!


In that regard, please add the new website at  to your favorites. It will soon be accessible with my domain names as well. I believe I put a 2010 photo of every horse on their page, so there may be something you haven’t seen. Most of those photos were taken in August of 2010 by my great friend and patron, DeeAnn Bradley, who is a magician with a camera! We have some minor tweaks to work on, but this will soon be our only site. Suggestions? Let me know! Finding problems? Just email me, please and we’ll fix them right away.


For me, 2010 has been a year of hardship and personal grief. But the horses made it thru, thanks to all of you and your kind support. Although it looks as though donations are down by about $6,000 from last year, many things have helped us save enough money to actually do a lot of good. A record 10 horses came in last year. And a partnership with Heavenly Horse Haven has worked out well. So at least where the horses are concerned, 2010 wasn’t too bad. And don’t forget there is still one day left to make a donation, to get that 2010 tax deduction!


I greatly appreciate your support in light of these difficult times. I know what it means to be cutting back. Those of you who dig deep for a donation are my heros. And I know, as I watch the horses dig into breakfast and dinner, that they appreciate you too. Thank you from us all here at TGC.