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Hi, Everyone, from The Golden Carrot!

The Horses and I just wanted to let you know what’s been happening here at THE GOLDEN CARROT…and to tell you how much we have appreciated your continued support and best wishes.

As it appears the entire nation has, So California has been experiencing some startling weather - and unlike the rest of the nation, we are freaking! OK, the picture above was last year, but last Monday it almost looked like that for about 3 hours! A LOT of rain and snow has soaked my stall line - and as I write you today, all the horses are in their stalls, waiting for the paddock to dry a little, as it is slippery as an ice skating rink with mud now. And yes, that does mean I have fallen a few dozen times!   Hay, a born and bred So Cal Girl does not even HAVE appropriate boots for this kinda stuff!


I was lucky on Friday, when Joyful colicked, to have Sierra and new volunteer Jen willing to come help. Turns out my vet has a broken arm! By the time Sierra arrived, I had given Joyful a shot of banamine, and had handwalked her for about 1/2 hour, as well as given her a belly massage. Once Sierra arrived to watch her and keep her on her feet, I was able to clean stalls; Jen arrived to overlap Sierras visit, and it was Jen who was able to report that finally Joy had pooped! Whew! What a difference having some help makes... thank you Sierra and Jen, for being there for our big girl!

So far, the stall roofs have stayed up, and on, despite recent hurricane-like winds. I have purchased a few panels and other materials to have Albino come out next week, after it dries a little, to finish Savannahs stall and replace a couple of the worst roof panels. Any help in this regard would be appreciated. I need to replace many roof panels, all over 10 years old and warping. Again - $10 from enough people can solve this problem! and if you do not want to bother with only $10, but would send $20 if you had it - check out the following!

A $1000 matching grant has been offered to TGC, just in time for a TAX DEDUCTION and maybe a meaningful GIFT for a special person  (The right size donation can sponsor a horse in the name of that special person, at least for a month!). Anything you donate between now and the end of the year will be doubled as a result of this grant! Send me that $10 - it will help! We’ll let you know how it goes.

There’s nothing that says HAPPY HOLIDAYS like a healthy horse who has found a forever home…and we’ve got 32 sending heartfelt best wishes your way. And remember - there are many many horses in need out there, and I have 6 open stalls. If I can get some support, I can save more right now. I will do the work, can you help?

Casey and The Mob!
The Golden Carrot