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November 2009 Newsletter
Horse Show
Well, I promised that there would be news in November, after the November 8 Community Horse Show put on by Tierra del Norte Arabian Horse Assn. Many of you have seen the pictures on the Facebook Group page, The Golden Carrot. But for those of you who haven’t, please go to and enjoy! Sierra did a great job riding Joyful and Prophet; she and Mike leadlined Joy and Prophet while Nev and Dexter rode; and my volunteers Julia and Kaylee babysat whichever horse was NOT in the arena. We had fun, the little kids got winning goodie bags and Prophet brought home a red ribbon for his one ‘adult’ class! Many thanks to all concerned, including TDNAHA for letting me work with my horses instead of in their ring!

I have had some visitors in November, including Julia and Kaylee (AND Julia’s mom Lisa who insists on working just as hard as the girls, even tho she doesn’t ride!). The girls groomed many horses, cleaned 6 stalls, and distributed the evening feed buckets. And Lisa swept out my feed shed and filled water barrels. And then, the girls rode Hershey and Prophet!
A new volunteer has joined us, full of hope and good ideas and intentions to help get TGC a wider base of patrons and volunteers. Debra Sievers is my age, an artist, and drawn to horses. She knows nothing, and has enthusiasm to learn it all! She’s also interested in being the face person who contacts groups who might be interested in bringing the disabled to TGC, including the Wounded Warriors, and physically and emotionally disabled kids. Many of you know it’s been my dream all along for these disabled horses to provide hope and succor to the disabled human population. Debra wants to see it happen. Let’s hope her efforts are successful. Part of her plans include TGC becoming an accredited therapy facility and/or Sierra becoming an accredited therapy instructor. Although I’m 100% for it, it will cost $100 for Sierra to get started and I hope someone will be willing to help us get her enrolled ......
In addition, I had the twice yearly pleasure of seeing Ronan’s Sponsor, Cheryl Cuttineau. Cheryl watched Sierra work Ronan (driving) and was pleased to see how clever and willing he’s being. I know not every sponsor can visit, but I’m happy to have Sierra work with YOUR sponsored horse if you let me know what you’d like! Sierra continues to be a huge asset to TGC, working with Brave who is blind, Hershey who now needs to LOSE weight, Swing’s Lew, Navigator, Dion, Shine and others.
Horse News
Brave continues to expand his area of comfort, and a few days ago after a lunging session with Hershey, followed Hershey back to the herd instead of retreating to the stall-line alone. These two are bonded, and we intend to have Sierra ride Brave at some point. Once they establish a connection, we’ll try a short trail ride with Hershey as ‘guide-horse’! The only exercise Brave can get is in this structured way, so Sierra’s willingness to work with him is key to his future health and happiness.

Many many people have chided me for not posting current pictures of dear Surely’s legs - and so here they are! You can see there is still scar tissue, but they are wholly closed, and I’m working with massage and lotion to soften those scarred areas, which are slowly improving. And in the last week, I’ve watched Surely LEAD Rocky out to breakfast at a fast canter, including bucking up and head tossing - she is, almost exactly a year after drylands felled her, fully recovered. By the way, that's Surely and Rocky at the top of the newsletter - inseparable in the wild! Sierra worked both today as well, lunging them together in the round pen, and then giving them a quick shower afterwards.  They looked very happy.


Ways to Help


I’ve signed up with "Goodsearch" and attach a link. This outfit, if you download their toolbar, will add up pennies every time you search on the web for anything at all, and it’s all accumulated to be donated quarterly to TGC. Hay, we all search the web ..... let’s get a little benefit, eh? also includes "Goodshop" which is another version of the link which I use. Another place where you can shop, having designated The Golden Carrot as your charity, and a percentage of what you purchase is donated to TGC without effort or cost to you. I hope when you do your holiday shopping, you’ll consider using either iGive or the Goodshop link from this toolbar .....


I just wanted to let everyone know that there are two different ways to make a credit card donation to the Golden Carrot - by Paypal - or by regular credit card - . Some of you may be receiving emails indicating that "your credit card donation was rejected" - just forward those to me as they are from the old company I used to use. They should NOT be sending these out - their account, and the credit card processing account linked to them, have both been closed for over two months. Never fear, if you did not want to renew your monthly donation to The Golden Carrot, you didn’t. On the other hand, if you meant to, please feel free to do so now, as the links are working. Again, both links are at


Remember, setting up a jar or box at work, either for donations or for contributions to buy candy you purchase in bulk can generate $10 a month easily. Or if there is a feed store in your area, I’d appreciate it if you would approach them about setting up a donation box at their register. How many of you empty your pocket change into a bowl every night, and visit Coinstar once a month? Some of that could really help here! We’re all dreading the holiday pounds from delicious treats; maybe we can give up that one sweet thing, and send $5 to the horses?


Donations are at an all time low, and I’ve been struggling to find grants as so many donors have fallen away, and sponsors either reduced their support or left entirely. I'm thrilled that DeeAnn Bradley, who sponsored PC until his death, has asked to partially sponsor Shine.  But she's the exception to the rule these days.  And I was disappointed that no one was interested in donating a few dollars towards materials or labor to repair the stall roofs.  Today, we had rain and snow.  I looked at that old particle board and plywood, soaking up so much water, and wondered how much longer they will last. 
I know these are hard times. I too am having a hard time finding enough work to keep body and soul together. I know everyone is trying to find a few dollars to make a better holiday season for their families. But I hope some of you will find it in your hearts to send a few dollars this way, to help these horses stay healthy, and available if we can get these therapy programs going. I swear to you, every dollar goes directly to the horses - for feed, for farrier and vet care, and that’s it. All work here continues to be done for free by myself, Sierra, Deb and other volunteers. Not one human being connected with TGC is gaining any financial benefit whatsoever. And EVERY PENNY helps - if every member of The Golden Carrot getting this newsletter sent $10, all 32 of the horses would be fed for two weeks. Please believe me, I need YOUR $10 .....

I wish you all a wonderful Holiday Season, full of fun and renewed connections with those you care about.


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