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June 2009 News-Blast and Update 
 1. Hershey


Some of you know that I have reluctantly taken in another resident here at TGC, a 23 year old QH gelding named Hershey. I suspect this picture will tell you why. Please check out Hershey’s page at to read his story, and see more pictures - and please consider anything you might be able to donate to help this poor old guy. Obviously I’ve had the vet out for him twice already, and thanks are due to Margaret Squires (part-sponsor of Sara), and her friendSharon Stephens-McLain for helping to cover those costs as well as Lynn Wells, who once again stepped up for a needy horse with a generous donation towards his expenses. Between those costs, trimming his feet and all the food that disappears down his skinny throat ("-)) Hershey is a high-maintenance guy, at least for the next several months, and all assistance will be greatly appreciated. His spirit is strong, he is quick to discover the routine and hold me to it, and he has mustered the courage and strength to join my mob after only one week here. He deserves our help!


2. Song needs a sponsor


I'm sorry to report that I received the expected call today from Song's former owners, who had promised $60 a month to help feed her. After only 2 months and 10 days, the mother called to "cancel her subscription". Apparently, providing some support to Song was as disposable as a magazine. 


So let's add Song to our featured sponsorable horse for June 2009.  Song is a sweet little mare, with great personality and willingness to cooperate. I don’t really see a lot of sign of abuse in her. She has a caved in part of her left sinus, which could be some sort of past injury, and which seems to cause that eye to leak a tiny bit. She was initially afraid of the farrier but Mr. Mercado gentled her down. Otherwise, she’s friendly, interested, crazy for carrots, and as far as I can tell, very happy to be here with her bff Star. But now, even her smaller expenses are my burden, and I would sure appreciate it if anyone might consider even a partial sponsorship for her. She is small (so eats less), and has good hard feet (so needs only trims), and I have a blanket which will fit her, so her monthly sponsorship would probably be $90 per month. A part sponsorship would be $45 per month. I’d be happy to answer questions, or send more photos, to anyone who might be interested in this little doll.


3. SCTR has new Quarantine at TGC - check out Sammy on QT horse page


On June 9, 2009, SCTR went to auction again, and surprisingly, found only one TB that needed their help. Other OTTBs at that auction were bought by private parties, and only Sammy was for some reason being bid on by no one except kill buyers and Caroline Betts. She was able to save him, and Megan brought him to TGC for quarantine on June 17. Please check out the page at where Sammy’s picture is posted with other SCTR horses who have spent their quarantine time here at TGC.


Finally, I'm jazzed to report that one of my Girl Scouts was so happy on her visit her in April that she has begged her mom to ask if she can come to TGC in July for her birthday, with several of her friends, for her birthday celebration - and in addition, has asked all her friends to make a donation to the Golden Carrot horses in lieu of giving her a birthday present!  Of course, I'm thrilled to have them and hope to have pictures for you later in the month of this wonderful girl and her friends.  Thank you Julia!


I hope you all have a safe and happy Fourth of July!