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April 2009

Golden Carrot Newsletter


There are many good things to report, along with the usual plea not to forget us, as donations continue to droop. I know things are tight. Believe me! But we’re not asking for a bonus, or a bail-out, just the basics. Anything you can send will be appreciated, and don’t forget to do any online shopping you do through the website. Just choose TGC as your charity and shop away - we will benefit. (The check coming from them for the September to December 2008 period is the highest single check ever, $47! Let’s keep it up!)


Collaboration with SCTR (Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue)

As you know from previous newsletters, Caroline Betts of SCTR is one of the CRU members working to find different ways to save horses in California. She braves the twice monthly auctions to save slaughterbound thoroughbred horses, often dumped directly from the track. But until recently, Caroline has not had a facility of her own, but depended on some wonderful foster homes to house her rescues while rehabbed before rehoming.

But horses at auction are exposed to not only sick horses, but the stress and fright of an extreme change of their surroundings, sometimes while dealing with injuries which prompted their previous owners to dump them to begin with. And that means they can become very sick. A quarantine facility was needed, to house them for 30 days, before rehoming them. With the generous help of Lynn Wells, a longtime supporter of TGC, as well as a grant from the ASPCA, I have been not only able to rebuild my storm damaged stalls and make many much needed repairs, but have built a four stall quarantine area which has already been put to use by SCTR and Ms. Wells in the rescue on March 15th of 3 thoroughbreds. You can go to SCTR’s website at to see Swing’s Lew (18 yr grey gelding, former winner of over $98,000, and former jumping lesson horse with blown left suspensory), Belleau Wood (13 year ex-broodmare, absolutely gorgeous and sound), and Cascade Mountain (6 year old gelding, beautiful and sweet, and sound).


I want to thank not only Caroline who goes to the auction knowing she must turn her back on so many in order to save some, but Lynn Wells who donated to SCTR to help rescue these horses, and to TGC to help defray the expenses of the quarantine quarters; the Ardis Family for the donation of many pipe corral panels; Tito Mercado for the donation of beautiful vinyl 3 rail fencing materials for the turnout; and the ASPCA for their grant - all of which came together to provide for these, and future, auction rescues.


Check out to see pictures of the space created with their help.


Although my main stall line has 3 empty stalls, with donations to TGC very low I don’t feel comfortable rescuing the many horses still calling for help. If Lew’s suspensory doesn’t heal in the next few months enough that he can be ridden, it’s possible he may stay here. But this collaboration with SCTR allows TGC to continue it’s mission to help save horses from the horrible fate so many are condemned to, through no fault of their own.


Anti-slaughter Movement

We are suffering horribly these days at the efforts of the slaughter industries and foreign investors to get slaughter going again in a dozen American states. I have posted articles, and links to various politicians, to educate you as to the severity of the problem, and provide you with easy access to call or email everyone you have time to contact, with what I hope will be a resounding "NO" to slaughter.


One interesting article was written by Caroline Betts of SCTR, who is a tenured professor of economics at USC. Check out her article published in Horseback Magazine, at

There are also two requests for action related to both Illinois and Montana’s pending legislation aimed at reopening slaughterhouses in those states (these include suggestions about what to say, and links for contact information); an informational blog about the wild horse and burro situation; and three flyers you can print out and send to your, or any other, representative, to encourage them to vote AGAINST slaughter.

Please spend some time on this page, and do what you can to encourage any an all politicians to vote no. You don’t have to say much. But each separate vote will pile up and make an impression! Please also direct your friends and family to these sites and request their help too.


VICTOR has a New Sponsor!

I am so thrilled to report that my article about Victor in January has brought this sweet horse his own family of sponsors! The Larson Family wrote:


Hello Casey,

I came across your website at the end of 2008 and donated once. I live in Tacoma, WA and my husband is bemused that I would like to sponsor a horse in California instead of here locally but, quite simply, I have been following your website and monthly newsletter and your horses look so well-loved by you and your volunteers that I feel drawn to support your efforts. So, my husband, Todd, my daughter, Alanna, and I would like to commit for the rest of this year to sponsor ...Victor........ So, please tell us what we need to do to get started. Thank you so much! Best regards,Wendi Larson

It always surprises me when someone doing something so good takes a moment to thank ME! Wow, this is great news. Once again, someone who might never get to see their sponsored horse, like Dion’s sponsor Robin West, or Mary’s co-sponsor Marion Bochner, still stand up to ensure a golden retirement for a deserving horse. Thank you, Wendi, Todd and Alanna, for your kindness to Victor!



The good work continues. If you can, please donate. Set up a $10 per month credit card donation - it’s easy, painless and automatic! Just click here to get to where you need to set that up: Enough people doing that can help enormously. If you can’t donate, please tell your friends, co-workers and family of our need! And do take the time (less than you think!) to encourage every politician you can to vote AGAINST slaughter, and the reinstatement of slaughterhouses in America and again, spread the word to friends, family and co-workers of this effort.