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Newsletter, August 2008


I’m sorry that I have not written since June. I’ve been busy, I promise. From the June newsletter, I have finally posted some new photos on the website. Check it out!




I am thrilled to report that some girls from Girl Scout Troop 349 DID come to visit, and there is one pic on the photo page of that day. These young girls don’t have a lot of experience, so I was also happy to have Krystal and Tiffany, some new volunteers who have their own horses but are helping TGC horses once a week. They gave a little riding demonstration for the Scouts, and then helped to leadline the horses so the Scouts could ride! Krystal and Tiffany helped the girls to groom and tack up their horses, and then get them untacked, and I think everyone had a lot of fun doing it. Prophet, Topper, Peanut and Falcon were wonderful as always, and Jean, one of the moms who leadlined Falcon, actually fell in love with the old guy! Troop 349 hopes to raise some funds for the Golden Carrot horses, and bring the rest of the troop up in the fall for more horse hi-jinks!


CRU - California Rescues United.


As I mentioned before, TGC and five other rescues have joined together in an effort to convince the State Government to lend a hand to the rescue community. The member rescues are (Southern California) TGC, Save Horses, Inc., Horses of Tir Na Nog, Under the Angels Wing Rescue, (Northern California) The Shiloh Foundation and Honor Horses. Additionally, So Cal TB Rescue is involved, but not yet a 501(c)3 yet as all the others are already.


I prepared a letter and sent it to 100 politicians (Senators, Congress and Assembly Members) from the State of California. (A copy of the letter and the mailing list is available to anyone who wants it - just ask). I introduced our group, and asked that some immediate financial aide for the rescues be considered, in light of the recent Equus rescue and Menifee boarding stable fiascos which have resulted in the seizure of over 100 horses, and euthanizing of over a dozen more, who were not being fed. Since Animal Control often tries to get rescues to step in and "rescue" abused horses, and are certainly not set up to take, care for, rehabilitate and adopt out abandoned, neglected and abused horses, we feel that the rescue community could be of real use to the citizens of the State - in fact, of course, we have been for many years, without any assistance. But in light of the publicity about slaughter, more and more people are trying NOT to send their horses to auction, where kill buyers snap them up for transport to Canada and Mexico to die under horrific conditions. With rescues overwhelmed by the daily calls and emails requesting their help, it’s time for the citizens of the state to help us help them.


After just one week, I got a phone call from Assembly John Benoit’s office, in whose district my rescue is located. Mostly, his aide wanted a tiny bit of additional information. I’m hoping that he didn’t just have her call to be able to say ‘we responded’. I also received to brush off post-cards, from Todd Spitzer of Orange County, and from Anna Caballero of Salinas, telling me they had forwarded my letter to MY assemblyman. Both of them obviously didn’t bother to read the letter, which clearly indicates this is a state wide problem, and ours a state wide group. And Spitzer’s brush off is especially irritating when I receive at least one call a week from Orange County residents wanting to dump their horses. His district is part of the problem - as far as I know, there are no Orange County rescues - but he doesn’t even want to look into supporting an effort to help those handling that problem. I’m still stewing - have a couple of drafts of a very sharp letter back to him, and Ms. Caballero as well, since I don’t know a county in California that doesn’t have horses somewhere.


I know, I know, don’t upset them. Those of you who know my impatience with irresponsibility and laziness will pat me on the back for not calling them up immediately and giving them a piece of my mind. But I’m not going to let them slide completely. Maybe a nice follow up letter suggesting they at least READ the letter. And then the press hears about it.


That is the next step. I have to prepare a press release, including a copy of the letter and a mailing list, a report on responses so far, and perhaps a couple of pictures of recent rescues, and finally, our "plan" to help deal with this ever increasing problem. Jane Hendron, who got me the addresses for the politicians, will send that to the several media people she has emails for; Audrey Reynolds of Save Horses, Inc., has some possible media contacts, and Cheryl Rankin of The Shiloh Foundation in Northern California has also indicated that she’s attempting to get this matter to the press. Hopefully, someone will want to follow up with these politicians to see what they’re going to do. If you would like to write your Assemblyman or other representatives, asking the same thing, please let me know and I’ll provide you with the appropriate name and address. It would make a world of difference to these animals - please let them know you support our cause!


Valiant (gelding) and Valor (pregnant mare) were recently found at an Ontario auction house, having been abandoned there by their owners. Although one individual bid on them, she never showed up to take them away, and Animal Control, although aware of their condition, had done nothing except contact Audrey of Save Horses to help them. Valiant, sadly, died on his way to safety. The damage was too severe. We’re hoping Valor can survive the birth of her baby. This kind of thing has got to stop. Everything you do to help TGC, CRU and any other horse rescue helps. Please don’t forget us. Help tell your political representatives to support us. We’re not asking for salaries; we don’t want to be state employees. We just need some help feeding these creatures; housing them, rehabilitating them, retraining them when necessary, and adopting them into new homes, as well as using those able to do so to help educate the public. 


Duke and Rocky


 A month ago, I took in Duke, an aged QH gelding, in very poor condition. I’ll admit, that his knee-over foreleg made me think of Josh, who has so recently passed, and it may be why I said yes. Duke is a sweetheart, so grateful for his dinner bucket, and so happy to have a herd to hang with. He’s doing well. I was happy when he began to shed out a very thick coat of hair (I’d been a little fearful he might have Cushings). He had a tendency to bull his way out of his stall if he thought he was going to be left there alone, but has learned that everyone is in the stalls at the same time, and out of them at the same time, and has truly joined the herd. Duke has cribbed in the past and so has badly worn upper teeth, making it difficult to determine his age. But his overall affect is one of a very elderly horse, and he was at one time a Hart horse (by the brand on his shoulder). So he’s been around, and may not have a lot of time here at TGC - at least it will be quality time.


Last week, I was contacted by Caroline of So Cal TB Rescue, about a TB who had been threatened with abandonment in the desert - a new phenomena here in Southern California. People who cannot afford to feed or even euthanize their horses have taken to abandoning them to die of hunger and thirst in our deserts! This horse was picked up by a supporter of Caroline’s, and she made a strong plea to her supporters and garnered $1400 worth of donations for him (to be paid over the next year), and got Kathy to trailer him here for just gas money, and so I agreed to take him. He’s been dubbed "Rock and Roll", since he was rescued the day of the recent big quake, and we’re calling him Rocky. Rocky too is so heartbreakingly grateful for each meal - he is a HUGE thoroughbred, nicely conformed, starved but looks to be healthy enough to recover well. He needs the farrier, who will be out later this week to see him, and I may have to put front shoes on him as his white foot is a little deformed. Rocky is supposed to be 18-20 years old, but I haven’t bothered him with a tooth check, or checked to see if he has a tattoo.


Please check out these new horses pages on the website. Tell me I could turn my back on such need. I know you can’t either, and hope you will send what you can to help me give these poor guys, and the other TGC residents, some hope and quality of life.


Donations have been difficult. I’m grateful for my steadfast sponsors, and one large donation I got in early June, plus the fact that I’ve been working steadily so have enough money to pay my own expenses, and some of the horses’ expenses as well. But any help would so greatly be appreciated. Of course, I’m pursuing the effort to get state funding, but that could take many months to materialize, and who knows how long my work will last? So please, don’t forget us, and this ongoing need. The Equus disaster is a harbinger of things to come - in these difficult times, people are holding hard to every penny they earn. But .... I do believe that most of us could afford a dollar a day or so for a good cause, or could join together with friends or co-workers to make a monthly donation of $20 or $30 or $50 per month - and enough donations like that will actually SAVE a life.

In addition, please remember with back to school spending coming up that if you go to, nominate The Golden Carrot as your cause, and shop by going through their mall (which has a billion stores! - well, a lot anyway ‘-), The Golden Carrot will receive a percentage of any purchase you make. Each store will tell you up front what percentage goes to TGC - and it does NOT cost you a penny, I promise. I shop for vitamins at Vitacost, and for horse supplies at JeffersEquine, and always get a donation back. It works, it’s easy and it’s a free way to help.


Finally, I’m trying to find someone who knows something about eBay. Over the years, a lot of stuff has been donated to TGC or with donated horses, and some of it I don’t actually have a use for. I’d love to sell it somehow, but don’t have the time or gas money to sit a "yard sale" to sell it, and have had bad experiences on eBay so am leery of doing it myself. And pictures have to be taken, etc etc. If anyone would like to help with that, I’d be happy to allow a small commission for your work.


Finally, a personal plea. If any of you know any lawyers looking for good quality secretarial/paralegal help that doesn’t require me being "in office", I’d sure appreciate a reference. As I mentioned, I’ve been very fortunate that an Hermosa Beach firm has been giving me a lot of work, but I believe that project is coming to a close and can always use more work, since having to split my pay between my bills and the horses leaves me with no cushion, and no fun! Waawaawaah. Thought it worth a mention, anyway!


The work continues. I’m working with the rescues of CRU trying to get us help, and trying to place four other horses at this time, not to mention two others in my inbox. Every day I take care of these horses and on weekends, supervise and watch over my recent volunteers, while they learn the skills necessary to enjoy these magnificent creatures. I’ve been working as well, and yes, my house is a mess since when I’m done with the important work, vacuuming just doesn’t appeal! I promise, when I ask you for donations, it’s not because I’m sitting on my butt with a margarita in my hand - it’s because there are a lot of deserving souls out there who need our help. Anything you can do - it all makes a difference, and I and the horses are deeply grateful for it.