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June 2008 Newsletter


Well, since the last newsletter, there have been a few developments.

1. Please visit the memorial page on the website at to remember Mitey Nice, and Josh, who passed away on June 23, 2008.

As you might guess, I have been pretty messed up about that .... And for those who recall my injury a month ago, the leg is still very sore and a little swollen, but healing is taking a reasonable progress .... I was very lucky!


2. Donations are terrible. Between lost sponsors, and tiny ‘incidental’ donations, it’s a darn good thing I’ve been having some steady work to keep feed on the property. Without three bigger donations earlier in the year I don’t know where we’d be. Please, give what you can? And any effort you can make to get others to donate too will be so much appreciated. DeeAnn Bradley, former sponsor of PC, has challenged everyone to match her $20 per month donation - if everyone on this mailing list sent in that much, feed would be OK. That’s less than $1 per day folks, can we work on our swimsuit summer figures, and say no to that candybar? Sigh - imagine $1 for a candybar! I’m so old I remember when they were $.10 ..... PLEASE NOTE: This request for a response to DeeAnn’s challenge does NOT apply to sponsors - those of you who already step up for a Golden Carrot horse are exempt - all of you are doing $20 or better already. I’m trying to reach new donors - and if you want your $20 per month donation to apply to a specific horse, let me know and I’m happy to have you be a partial sponsor for that horse.


3. I am working hard with a lot of Southern California people, as well as some central and Northern California people, to get a coalition together to approach Sacrament for some assistance in the efforts to provide for the so-called ‘unwanted horses’. A lot of good ideas are coming out of this. Many of you on this list are actually horse people - what do you think about a tiny tax (maybe a nickle) on every horse related item (not feed) such as saddles, bridles, other tack and grooming items, to go into a fund for rescue horses? I liked that one - make the horse community step up for horses. I’ll keep you posted and should have some news about progress by end of July. Once I make this plea, I will be asking you to email your representatives to support the requests for assistance, so get ready!


4. I would like to apologize to sponsors in particular, as I have promised for several months now to put up new photos of the horses. I have them, but have to go through so many, and prepare them for, and upload them to the net, etc., that I just have not done it. I am working on it bit by bit, but I need to earn money while I can, so the horses and I can eat, you know? I have not forgotten.


5. Keep your fingers crossed that in July, I get a promised visit from a local Girl Scout leader and her daughters. If I can impress them, we may be getting some Girl Scouts out to work with the horses, which you KNOW they will love.


6. A final good note. Sue Friley, who you know is a long-time supporter of TGC, and rescues horses herself, recently lost TWO of her old-timers at once. Shari was a wreck from day one, and Sue put in hours and lots of money keeping her comfortable for some years; Tonka was an older cranky mare that never seemed to care for her people much, but loved Nester the donkey until her final day. I know, it doesn’t seem like good news, does it? I know Sue’s pain. But serendipitously, just a week after their loss, I received an email about Fancy, yet another horse looking for a home. Fancy is older, was starved almost to death by an alcoholic in Romoland, and then rescued by some people who now ‘can’t afford her’ anymore. Fancy isn’t real pretty, but one of those horses that just wants to climb into your lap, and you want to cuddle them all day long. Well, long story short, I sent the email to Sue, gave the current owners a recommendation, and you guessed it, Fancy went home to the Friley residence last Saturday. A horse that needs love, that has lots of love to give a family that needs and deserves it - a good match. As soon as Sue gets me photos, I’ll let you see Fancy Friley......

Each of us can make a difference, in some way, if we just do it. Can you find a way to help the horses? Thank you for all you’ve done, and all you can do. With more people dumping their horses in these difficult times, your help is more important than ever.