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Still Here After All These Rains!

February 2008




Only 10 days after Daphmar’s death, Debbie colicked so badly, I was certain her end had come. An indicator of her pain level was her pulse, which was 120 (horses are normally between 38-42 bpm). When Dr. Z arrived, she was on the ground, squealing at anything that came near her except Mary, striking out with teeth and feet, and rolling over and over. Dr. Zadick could barely treat her, as Mary insisted on standing so close to her their sides touched. But once the pain medication kicked in, she was pretty good about getting the oil treatment, and as I checked on her through the night, I found her standing quietly, resting. 24 hours later I was certain she’d made it through. Thanks again, Dr. Z!




Although it was hard for me, I needed to use Daphmar’s stall. For a couple of months Star has been living in a very small makeshift stall that we put up when we had to bring her home unexpectedly, and with the rains and weather, she needed to be in a better stall. Now, many might think the obvious thing to do is just put her in Daph’s stall ... but there was no way this young rambunctious mare would get along with Chacha and Topper, older ladies who prefer the gentlemen. Both ladies had been hanging around with Prophet, who had willingly kept care of them (remember, he likes older ladies and probably still misses Ladyhawk). So Prophet moved to Daph’s stall, and a mini-herd was reborn - It takes a tough guy like Prophet, and like Daph was, to handle these strong mares, and Ronan, but he does so with aplomb.


Star started out in Prophet’s old stall, but I didn’t feel that Anna liked her very well, so I moved her where she wanted to be, between Lucifer and Happy, and put Peanut in her stall - That’s a new mini herd as well, and Anna is now happy - Peanut bothers no one! Whew - musical stalls....




In April, the 11th through the 13th, is America’s Family Pet Expo at the Orange County Fair and Event Center. The Golden Carrot will have a booth at this event, thanks in large part to Sue Friley (Josh’s sponsor and Savannah’s co-sponsor). Sue and her husband Larry are building a backdrop and have many ideas to decorate the booth and provide little activities for kids passing by, all to let people know about TGC and our needs. We will need some volunteers to help man the booth - maybe just for an hour or two, maybe for ½ day, whatever you can do. If you’re a volunteer, we can get you into the Expo for free. Please contact Sue at to let her know what you might be able to do. You don’t need to sell anything - just pass out brochures, answer questions (a fact sheet will be provided) and if possible, encourage people to donate. Sue and I are hoping to get one or two sponsors out of this event ....




In past years, I’ve had people ask if they could use Paypal to donate. I had a terrible experience on eBay, and through them, with Paypal, and felt their fees were exorbitant, so have resisted using them although I do have an account. But I’ve been put onto an outfit called who gives me a card, to use as a debit card, and on which others can put money, providing an almost instant donation. You can do that with Paypal .... so all of you who use Paypal, it’ll be available very soon. I hope to be able to put a link on the site to take you to the appropriate place, in a few days when the card arrives and I have the necessary account number. Then if money is put in the account, I’m notified by email and can use the card to buy feed immediately. This is very much in my mind at present, as due to the last expenses of Daphmar (over $500) and the vet bill for Debbie ($155), and donations of less than $600 in January, I’m really hurting; my last two checks went to buy feed, meaning some of my bills are unpaid, and my cupboards are NOT well stocked!




Please check out the website. I’ve got photos of Stacy Kaplan’s visit (she rode Ronan too!); photos of Savannah’s orthopedic shoe; photos of the storms; Dion’s sponsor, and for those of you looking to cry your eyes out, say a final goodbye with Jill to Daphmar on the memorial page. Her final hours with him will break your heart. But remember - how lucky he was that someone cared for him. So many of The Golden Carrot horses have no one but me to mourn them .....




I know those of you who have struggled through tax preparation are looking forward to the holiday you’ll take, the credit cards you’ll pay off, the new appliance you’ve been needing. But if you can find it in your hearts to send a few bucks to The Golden Carrot, the horses and I will truly appreciate it. Feed prices have climbed and climbed since last summer - weather has destroyed crops all over the nation and what little feed has been produced is in high demand; and trucking expenses continue to climb. Although I have hope that some feed will become less expensive once the spring crops are in, that could be another 2 months away - and right now, I’m spending $3,000 each month just to feed these 30 horses. My own personal resources are maxed out .... I am reaching out to you and anyone you know to help.




Finally, don’t get your hopes up, but despite her grief, Jill was still willing to work for TGC and has contacted her friend Kristen, who brought out a class of 3rd graders last year to visit the horses for whom they’d raised money. They are hoping to bring this new class to visit as well, for the 2nd annual TGC BBQ. I’d like to expand that day, and invite any of you who can make it to visit as well. It was a fun day last year .... I will keep you posted on the day - probably in April or May ....


I’m also hoping for another workday - these rains have shown just how badly in need of repair my stall roofing is. My thinking is to get a workday done early in the year, while the ground is still wet and postholes are easier to dig, and the weather isn’t so dang hot. If anyone would be interested in working, and has a day, weekend, or particular time frame that would be more convenient, please let me know and I’ll start planning around that. A relatively small crew of people got an awful lot done last September .... and many hands make light work - can you come even for a morning, or afternoon? I hope to hear from you....


With love and appreciation for all you do - Casey and the Golden Carrot horses....