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Ok, just a quick NewsBlast to get you the latest news and ask for your help in the next 10 days.


Our Run for the Rescues (October 7 at the Rose Bowl) has three runners now, Jan Heppert will be running the 5K, and Lisa and Julia Brozek will also be running. Here are the links for all of our "Pages" - please show our runners some love!



The Golden Carrot's personal page is at: There are links for donations, and lots of information abut the Run for the Rescues available from this page.


To support our runners: Just click on their page link!












This is a real GOOD CAUSE folks - not only The Golden Carrot, but After the Finish Line, who has helped TGC in the past, and the Rescue Train, a no-kill shelter for dogs and cats, benefit from every dollar donated. The more people who hear about this, the more likely we are to get donations, so please share this newsletter with all your friends, family and co-workers.


I had put up a fairly modest goal, not knowing how it all worked, and we started out well. We’ve raised $415 so far. But I had secretly (no secret now!) hoped that we could raise $1,000 which would feed the herd breakfast for two weeks. Can you help? There are links on the pages to make donations, but if you prefer to send a check, you can send it to me at the Golden Carrot (44700 Terwilliger Rd., Anza, CA 92539) but make it PAYABLE to The Rescue Train, ok? Most of it comes back to us and the rest benefits the dogs and cats in the Rescue Train shelter who don’t find homes on October 7.





Our new volunteer Katja, who you may recall from the last newsletter riding Montego, brought her husband for a ‘work day’. Unfortunately, THEY had a flat tire too, to begin their day; and then hit traffic from hell on the way (o, that 91 freeway!) So arrived so late that our activities were cut short. Still, Patrick was able to reset a post supporting Ronan’s roof and reattach the windbreak; and Katja and I were able to fix 3 downed rails and replace two others, and we ended the day by installing the last three panels I had to enclose Jedi’s stall (turns out I don’t think his issues are with "confinement" as much as "boredom"! And daily turnout is helping that enormously). It was no fun for Katja and Patrick, but a huge help for me and the horses! And an added bonus was the lovely present of some veggie spring roll type things that Katja put together for me (she’s a crazy good cook, look at her blog at Yum!


Much to my surprise, my neighbor have me an hour and a half of his time last week to help repair the damage to Brave’s roof that is being caused by Spencer’s destructive ways. Still need to repair Spencer’s stall, but at least the whole roof isn’t coming down! Thanks Mike!



Ralphs Grocery Community Contribution


At the suggestion of new supporter Kathy W, I applied with Ralphs Grocery stores to be a charity in their Community Contribution program. If you have a Rewards Card with Ralphs, go to and register; once you’ve done that, there is a section in your ‘profile’ for community contributions where you can designate The Golden Carrot, ID Number 93856, as the beneficiary of your shopping! Doesn’t cost you a penny - just when you shop, something comes our way! Like the online shopping mall, it costs you NOTHING, just register, designate The Golden Carrot, and proceed as usual. Kathy already shopped, and the bottom of her receipt that day indicated a donation was being made to us at her request - cool! Enough people doing this can make a big difference here ..... please consider it!



A quick update:


Pepe Grillo injured his eye (loves to rub his head on the ground when he rolls) and I’ve been treating it - he loves the hot salt compresses and the eye is healing. Dear Dion is really starting to show irritation at the cancerous growth inside his sheath, and the tumor on his shoulder actually seems to be growing. His time may be short.... So far, his friendship with Smokey continues and I think is a comfort to him. And finally, on a recent visit, Dr. Z agreed we could put Bruhad on pergolide as well, as a slight hair retention, and poor condition might be signs of Cushings. Unlike Victor and Sunny, Bru had the immediate reaction of going off his feed (often the case) so we cut his dosage back to half. Victor and Sunny continue to thrive on it, so I’m hoping I’ve caught Bruhad earlier than them and he will also show improvement.


Folks, although economic hard times affect us all, from all I’m hearing the animal rescuers are really taking a beating - between low donations, increased need, and hugely inflated feed prices, we’re hurting. We can use all the help you can give us. Regular donations are of course always welcomed, as well as spreading the word of our need in the hopes of garnering new supporters.


The Run for the Rescues is a great way to help - either a donation, running and getting sponsors, or just visiting the event (October 7) and possibly adopting one of the great dogs and cats who will be there hoping for their forever homes - you CAN make a difference.


Thank You!