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I have been putting together a newsletter with general information about how the horses are doing; loss of our farrier, with concommitant increase in farrier expenses of $200 per cycle; new horse resident Chara, 26 year swaybacked pinto mare; new volunteer Bentley; and other items. I hope to have that for you soon. But today a new opportunity was offered that can help TGC save money, time and effort. A large hay purchase can be made, which will get us through the next 7 months, at summer prices and hay quality. It represents a savings of about $1500. Can you help?


Alfalfa hay costs have increased from approximately $6-7 to $12.5 per bale; an extra $330 per month for alfalfa hay. Grass hay which used to cost $5-7 is now $10.75 per bale; an extra $150 per month. Pelleted hay essential for these elderly horses has increased from $5.75 to $8.10 per bag, $141 more per month. Senior feed has gone from $9 to $13 per bag. $240 more per month. A total increase in feed expenses every month of at least $860 per month. Many hay growers I used to buy direct from have sold their land to make golf courses; weather has affected the amount of hay available to purchase and process and of course gas prices are making the trucking of feed prohibitively expensive.


This large hay purchase will be delivered, and a squeeze used to stack it. In addition, Carlos Cremaschi, who is offering to sell and deliver this hay at $9 per bale (about $3 per bale less than I’d otherwise pay), will work with me to accept a few payments on the total price if I can offer a large enough initial payment. To buy 480 bales of hay which will last until March of next year, I need $4,320. At today’s prices, which will surely increase in the next months due to winter shortages and constantly rising gas prices, that would cost $6000. This is an opportunity to save $1680 in feed costs.


CAN YOU HELP? If you had any ideas about donating, NOW IS THE TIME. Donations have been down by 1/3 this year - I know TGC like a lot of other smaller charities lost a lot when the charitable donations of many bighearted people went to the tsunami victims at the beginning of the year. Without our sponsors, TGC would already be closed. This is a time when donations can really make a HUGE difference. Maybe you can’t help us yourself - but do you know anyone looking to help a good cause? Or maybe your company is looking to be a corporate sponsor? A big chunk of money today can help even more than usual.


Feed is the ongoing, unending, and absolutely necessary expense that keeps me struggling. Horses need lots of hay; older horses need other kinds of feed. I don’t waste anything, and I spend hours each month finding and procuring the best possible deals. But it still takes money money money to feed 24 horses. Anything you can send will make every bit of difference. I need it sooner than later, as this offer - and the hay itself - won’t be available forever. If you can’t sent it right now, but might be able to do so next month, can you let me know?

Thank you all - Thank you for trying.