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November 2014 Newsletter

The Golden Carrot


So far, the sadness at The Golden Carrot continues.  We've now lost Cassidy, and Shelby.  While Shelby was always on borrowed time here, Cassidy was a shock. She was snakebit, and after a week of struggle, lost the fight against the toxins. 



This last time, click on these links to read of Cassidy, and Shelby, (if you click on their names under the pictures, you will see their webpage made when they first came here) and remember them.  Don't weep - just remember them, and honor their struggles, and the good people that they were. Here at TGC, we lose them - they come in injured, elderly, frail and vulnerable.  Sometimes we get lucky, and know them for years.  Othertimes, they leave us way too soon.  I don't always know their lives before they came here - a horse like Shelby had clearly had a full life, and while he was in great trouble on arrival, he'd been cared for in his time.  But we know them here, and we watch them interact with their own kind, and with us, and uniformly, I find them to be such wonderful folks.  They are kind, and forgiving, and hold no grudges. 


With your help, we are able to give them some golden years. As a last service, let's remember them.....


I entered my 60th year of life last month, and was happy that some of our supporters donated to the horses in honor of that, such that half of our last hay  delivery was paid for! YAY!  


Other than these things, not a lot has happened here.  I know you've noticed that I have not filled my stalls - I have 6 open at this time - but I've been hurting.  However, I may be filling half of them fairly soon, so please stay tuned. Remember - in order to do that, I need your help.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page - when a new arrival is posted, if you can help either once, or on a small monthly basis, the Paypal link is right there!

And you can look at our list of horses who are already here, to see if you're interested in part sponsoring anyone - each and every one of these horses is just as deserving as the other. Some are more or less sponsored, but I can always use more help as even a full sponsorship only feeds that horse.  

And let me remind you  about our need for land.  Even 20 acres would be good - but more would be better.  Really, there just HAS to be someone out there tired of paying insurance and taxes on a parcel they have done nothing with for years.  Believe me, in Anza alone there are parcels that have been up for sale for the whole 15 years I've been here.  Can someone consider donating that land to a good cause?  It would be donated to The Golden Carrot - I personally would NOT profit I promise. It would provide that safe sanctuary for these older horses, for these horses grown old and injured in the service of man, and if the parcel is big enough, I will work with rehab/layup for other rescues, leaving them room to take in horses who can be rehomed more quickly.  This is a SERIOUS need folks.  My situation here is a little precarious, more so with each passing month.  And honestly, I have only ONE move left in me.  Can you share this newsletter with everyone you know?  Can you talk to everyone you know?  I know it's begging, but how else will we find that benefactor?