15.1 hh Bay Thoroughbred Gelding
Foaled approximately 1985 to 1987

Passed away 12/18/19


This is Biscuit, an elderly Thoroughbred gelding who's had some bad times.  I can't get any stories clear enough to be sure, but think he was in a shelter; was 'rescued' by a local rescue, who placed or fostered him in a location where he was in a pen with another horse who was getting most of the available feed. That horse died and the call went out that he 'had to go'.  Hum.   My vet sez he has 'step mouth' - where his molars are some long and some shorter, and it will take a long time to get them closer to even. Meantime, pelleted feed goes down in a blink of the eye…


Despite his dreadful thinness, he has lots of spirit, the true Thoroughbred heart, and may be a handful.

When Jan was grooming him, she felt he showed signs (sores and marks) that someone had been riding him recently - dang.  Who would do that?  I think his legs are ok,and if I can safely help him move out some sand, we may see a blossoming here.  But with a heavy sand load in such an old horse .... well, we'll do what we can to make each day good for him.

About 1 month later (not quite) Biscuit is looking a lot better - and stands always fairly close to his friend Silver.  They have a funny relationship as Silver is still "tough" and "doesn't need anyone" but they are always close.


 Below is Biscuit 6 months after his arrival!  He's doing splendidly for a very elderly horse.  We DO make a difference here....


Biscuit lost his sponsor, Donna N. to Cancer.  RIP Donna, and thank you for all you did for our old boy. But I'm so pleased to report that Donna's family have stepped up to sponsor Biscuit for 2016!!  Thank you to the Naylor and Duits Families for your support! Does anyone else want to help Biscuit keep a full belly for the rest of his days?  If so, contact Casey!