Goodbye to Biscuit
Arrived TGC around 2010

Passed 12-18-19


Dear Biscuit. What can I say about this quiet boy? He is the ‘mystery save’ we all cringe away from. This was a surprise – he came to TGC from another ‘rescue’. As they handed over the vet invoice laying out his recommendations for refeeding this skinny old guy, they giggled, oops, we were actually giving him half this. Really? And he’s not thriving? What a shock. They literally could (“would”?) not tell me anything about his past. Since may of 2018, this is harder for me, as I no longer have my records and pictures of his time here with us.



And the fact is, Biscuit was quite a character, and despite his age, just needed a few groceries! He did so well that first year, and held his weight for a long time. He was mostly quiet, but had one characteristic that seems to happen so often – a plain brown horse with a glorious melodious voice! Whether he was speaking to me to hurry up with dinner, or calling for a friend or girlfriend, he sang so sweetly! In contrast, he was a willful cantankerous coot a lot of the time. For instance, if I had to clean his sheath, I had to have a stud chain on him!! Never had to jerk it or anything – he knew what it was – and never actually kicked AT me, but once, he kicked up at his belly so strongly, he numbed and bruised my hand!

He was independent most of the time. He tolerated me because from day one he knew I was the food lady. I irritated him too – catching him for vet, farrier, fixing booboos etc. But each day he forgave me at dinner time. He’d probably been hungry for a long time … he never was cavalier about food. Once caught, he was well behaved, somewhere along the way he’d had some good training.

He was first friends with Arabian Pony Silver Mystic, who didn’t give a crap, but allowed Biscuit to hang around. Pistol joined them. (click on Silver's and Pistol's link to see their pages, with Biscuit)  A huge red OTTB, a tiny gray Arab Pony and our boy Biscuit. First, Silver passed, and then Pistol, and dear Biscuit was alone.

Heartbroken, he didn’t seem to connect with anyone else, until this past year, November of 2018, when Charlie Tuck passed, and Biscuit had his chance with Beezelee. I was surprised – he’d never seemed interested in the ladies before. Looking back, I wonder if he knew he was failing and he saw her as more protector than ladyfriend. He spent a lot of time with her, called her if she got out of sight, went in for dinner with her. And I knew his end was nigh when she could leave his sight, as he slept in the sun, and he wouldn’t even call for her, let alone try to find her.

I believe that Biscuit had a great time here. He was so very old right from the start. But brave in the herd, sociable with other horses, tolerant of his human caretakers. He wasn’t real pretty, a plain brown boy, and was a little irascible with people, but he was himself and even our ‘thug’ herd rarely bothered him. I don’t know what he went thru in his life. I was glad to fix his obvious problem, malnutrition, and give him some carefree years. I’m gonna miss his sweet warble at dinnertime. But his time had hit him, no horses lie on the ground for 7 hours by choice. He was a strong boy, so I had to help him onward before his ending became a nightmare for him. I just hate this part of my job, but I know he needed the help, and The Golden Carrot has to be all about them. Ok. Bye Bikit, go find Pistol and Silver. I know they’ll be glad to see you….