On November 8, 2009, The Golden Carrot went to a horse show! Tierra del Norte Arabian Horse Assn, a sponsor of Bruhad and donor of many winter blankets, and various tack items, held their Community Horse Show in Vista, and for the first time, instead of working the morning half of the show, I was thrilled to take Joyful and Prophet, and our wonderful volunteer Sierra, to the show! In addition, Little Nev (whose mother has been invaluable to TGC in helping to revamp the website), and Dexter (Sierra's nephew) also rode Prophet and Joyful in a leadline class.

I want to thank Sierra's parents, my neighbor Mike, and Lisa and Julia Brozek and Kaylee Allen for coming with us to help. This would not have been possible without you!

Here my sweet Prophet carries little Nev on her first ride, while Mike escorts them.

This pic was cute because you can't see Sierra leading Joyful - it looks like Dexter got it the first ride! Below, is little Nev on Prophet. I suspect my face looked like that the first time I got on a horse! "-)

The Judge watched them carefully. And you can see they behaved very well.

Now, some Pictures of Sierra riding Prophet in their one flat class. They brought home a red ribbon. Poor Sierra suffered from the bright sun, but Prophet was stylin'!

Sweet, huh? This old guy was my favorite trail horse, with his long-legged walk and bone deep curiosity - any trail was ok, any incident was interesting - he's the best. I'm too big for him now, but Sierra and he did great.

Sierra and Joy walk around pre-show

Sierra and Joy in the warmup ring

Mike and Prophet take Nev around the ring

Prophet styling for Sierra

And calm as milk for little Nev

Jules and Kaylee babysit Joyful

Kaylee watching Prophet

Sierra and Joy at the walk

And doing a lovely trot

But alas, no ribbon this time.

Awaiting rideabuck, last class of the day

at the walk,

at the trot

and astonishingly losing the buck at the canter!

Sierra and Joyful have only worked together for 2 months (perhaps 16 lessons). Joyful got fit, and Sierra began to learn to ride in the English style. For her 19 years she's been an extremely capable, self-taught, survivor-type trail rider - now, we're gonna get the riding skills to match her heart! Watch for us in the May show, if not before .... I suspect Sierra will join Joyful, and perhaps other Golden Carrot horses, in bringing home some ribbons!